Saturday, July 20, 2013

984 Milliseconds In A Vice

I thought I would get a more springy, textured sound by putting the wrench in a vice and flicking it. My cell phone caused interference with most of the recording, but I took a single sound and manipulated into a harsh industrial mess.

The remix of this one sound has some interesting things going on, especially if your speakers can handle deep bass. The track starts with that sound, then pitching it down, adding delay, and running it through various distortions and effects until it's just a big rumbling noise, played on top of itself with extremely distorted versions of that first hit serving as percussion. Keep in mind I used NO OTHER SOUND, just the 984 millisecond sample heard at the start.

You could make the argument that half of that original sample is hiss from the ventilation system at my grandparent's cottage, so it's not even about the wrench, and that's where a bunch of this texture comes from. You COULD make that argument, but I'd call you nitpicky. I'd like to see you make some music from less than a second of source material. Actually... I kinda would! Join me! And stop being nitpicky!

WrenchStuff02 by Mike O.K.

To rough for your tastes? Or just rough enough?