Thursday, March 21, 2013

King Voxel Music Previews

Here's the official unofficial pre-release repository for all publicly available King Voxel music. This isn't quite all the music I've written for Lecker Klecker's upcoming opus, but it's a good sampling, and I may add to and update tracks as I complete them.

King Voxel Music by Mike O.K.

I'm doing everything in my power to fuse epic symphonic sounds with retro synthy goodness to create this score. I want to create a soundscape counterpart to both the King's epic struggle to save his beloved kingdom of Voxelot while also representing the sweet voxely goodness that makes it such a visual throwback to classics like Legend of Zelda and Adventure. I'm also trying to create a soundtrack that's as varied and interesting as the INFINITE QUESTS the game can generate for you to play through.

Please visit the indiegogo campaign here to support this amazing project and help Mr. Phillip Meyer see it through to completion!

Friday, March 1, 2013

No Rewire For Me!

"Reason, meet FL Studio. FL Studio is going to be running some really nice VSTs for us. You're supposed to work nicely together, and maybe some day you will. For now, just take these exported waves and do your thing."

I could explain the nuances integrating DAWs and third party plugins, but instead of that, why don't you just have a listen. Because I hit some annoying technical SNAFUs tonight, but mostly I just allowed music to wash over me, like a Zen master who moves with the flow of the universe rather than opposing so-called obstacles. When you're softwares don't want to work together, make lemonade. Or this: