Sunday, April 7, 2019


I'm Mike O.K.!

I've been making music on computers for a very long time. If you just want some of my music, maybe check out my Bandcamp page.

Because I haven't really been using this as a blog for the last few years, I'm just going to make this post a landing page for some of the things I think are most interesting here.

Quite a few years ago I got very lucky and started working in the game industry. I made a lot of music and other audio for games. I got involved with game design and writing for games. I had some great jobs working with amazing people, helped start a little studio of my own, and experienced all sorts of other ups and downs.

Things I'm now doing:

  • working at another awesome game company, Kindly Beast, now as mostly a writer and game designer
  • looking after the indie dev team I co-founded, Breakfall Inc.
  • writing music intermittently for other cool indie games
  • trying to be a good dad to two wonderful little children
  • grappling with the nature of reality and how to be a decent person in a complicated world
  • planning to one day do another amazing project all my own... what that will be... no one knows...

If anything on this site is going to get updated in the foreseeable future, it might be my Game Gallery. I've done a lot of work I'm proud of, and that might be fun to talk about.

My composition portfolio is kept somewhat up to date at

And as of this writing my most recent completed game soundtrack is Pizza Titan Ultra. It's like my best take on everything I loved about 90s videogame soundtracks - so, basically the most radical thing I could ever hope to achieve. Only the first one is a song with lyrics, whether that makes it better or worse for you...

On and off, I'm sort of active on Twitter now.

Thanks for stopping by!