Game Gallery

I've worked on dozens of professionally developed and indie games, but I feel a few among these deserve special mention. These are the games where I either felt the audio was an outstanding feature, or where I had some significant influence on the look or feel of the rest of the game. In just about every case, I contributed voice acting somewhere. Follow the links for more info on exactly what I did.

Marvin's Mittens - My forthcoming indie opus.

Raze's Hell - Thousands of lines of dialogue and my first console game score.

The UnderGarden - Minimalist design and a zen-sational dynamic soundtrack.

Aces of the Galaxy - Do a barrel roll!

Flimflam Fernandez - Made of plasticine, but "so agile!"

Boogie Bunnies - "Paaaaaarty!"

Explosive Gas - Manic mayhem in a parking garage.

Spin Crisis - First!