Saturday, January 29, 2011

Game Jam 2011!

It has been one year since the Breakfall team (and friends) participated in their first Global Game Jam. Last year, with the theme being "deception", we created a two player hotseat XNA game called Flim Flam Fernandez. It was the tale of a philandering king, sneaking past the weary queen to get back to the royal bed after a night out on the village. It also won top honours at the Carleton University 2010 Game Jam.

Though many of the Breakfall group can't attend for various reasons this year, we do have a few people already toiling away to craft something to do with the theme of "extinction". A scheduling conflict sadly leaves me out of the early stages of development, but I'll be heading to Carleton on the final day to add sound. So far I know it involves a giant, enraged panda, and that I can't wait to see what's brewing over there!