Wednesday, September 18, 2013

LOKTAR, Emissary of The Prophets, Guardian of the West

It's been an incredibly busy few months over here, but I'll start doling out updates as exciting projects get released. Pretty excited to share some of the music I've been working on!

Today we'll start with a really fun animated short by the hilarious and talented Andrew Morrow and Jeff Nuyens - LOKTAR!!!

Through the technomagic of the internet, you can watch Loktar right here:

For the theme song, the only guidelines were epic and awesome, and the creators of Loktar felt this piece fit the bill. I've enabled download of this one if you want to download it and make it a ringtone for your smartphone or creating a Loktar morning alarm to start your day like a mighty hero.

LOKTAR Main Theme by Mike O.K.

(if the download button isn't working in the Flash player above, follow the link to Soundcloud to download the mp3 there)