Thursday, July 19, 2012

Music from My Cell Phone

I'm having a blast with Caustic 2. For a while, I've been thinking about getting into chiptune production, but I found working in most actual chip tune editors too restrictive. I do like working within constraints, but I just didn't like the totally different workflow of things like LSDJ. Caustic does lots of the things I like, but it doesn't have endless pools of samples and effects to wade through (so much as, say, Reason). It immediately lends itself to work on crunchy grooves - all about simple synths and drums with a few effects. I can just take a few minutes wherever I happen to be to work on making cool patterns and rhythms. Good wholesome audio fun.

EDIT: scroll down for more tunes, which I'll keep adding to this playlist.


  1. Hi Mike, glad you like my app! (fellow Canuck btw, from Montreal living in Australia now)

    Have you tried any of the sample packs yet? Just press "get more" from any of the presets selection popups (bottom left corner). It's not to Reason levels, but there's a few dozen packs available now and lots more coming. Some are free, some are paid. I put one out myself a while back from stuff sent in from users. Since then a lot of thrid parties have put out there own, there's all kinds of stuff.

    Nice tracks btw, come show them off at the app's website:

    As for chiptunes, I've got 3 new synths coming towards the end of the year and one of them is bound to please the 8bit fans...stay tuned.

  2. The more time I spend with Caustic, the more I love it. I'll definitely be checking out additional samples! I think the only problem I'm having with Caustic 2 is that it's SO much better than everything else I've tried in this space, I don't expect it do certain things that it ends up doing. Automation, for instance. Awesome.