Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Caustic Rocks It

I just downloaded the future, to my phone, for $8.

Ok, so it's a pretty unremarkable piece of music. Not terribly good, even. But I made it on my phone in 20 minutes poking around in Single Cell Software's Android music making software, Caustic 2. Lots of big companies I like are making iOS versions of their Digital Audio Workstations, but I hadn't found something I loved for my Android phone until an hour ago.

But it was an hour ago when I first downloaded this nifty little app, and I found my way around its enormously intuitive interface and made a (ok, not great) track since then. It runs very smoothly on my Samsung Infuse phone. My iPhone wielding friends have on occasion mocked my phone's size, often citing it's near-tablet proportions. But I've never been happier to own this phone than now, with the slightly oversized screen affording pretty much the best interface I can imagine carrying around in my pocket (yes, it still fits EASILY in my pocket).

So I own a great little studio for making electronica, and it fits in my pocket. Neat.

By the way, the Caustic 2 demo is only restricted in saving/loading/exporting. So download it and try it!