Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Games, games, games!!!

An exciting week for the games I'm currently working on!

Marvin's Mittens, an indie opus partly directed and completely scored by yours truly, got some press over at Destructoid and on Indie Games. The trailer has a few thousand views now. Check out how development is going over at Breakfall's blog.

EA has just announced Wildlife: Forest Survival, which is another title I'm doing music and sound design for. They left me with a blank canvas and told me to go nuts, and I think the resulting music is some of my best work. Maybe I'll post a sample later.

The UnderGarden is available for PC and on Xbox Live Arcade. Created by Artech/Vitamin G Studios and published by Atari, I was somewhat involved in design and development, and did all the crazy dynamic music and sound in the game. It's a very audio-centric game, really synaesthetic and kind of trippy. I'm incredibly proud to have my name on this one. Go check out the demo (click the Atari logo to get the free PC download under the GAME DETAILS section)!

And something completely different to listen to...

La La La is a pretty weird piece of music. I made it as a tentative demo for a game that eventually became Boogie Bunnies (which had a much smoother and more adorable soundtrack). But before they were bunnies, they were strange little blobs with googly eyes, and I felt this piece of music reflected their personality.

(Note: this file is pretty loud)

To get us back to sanity, this is a really pretty little piece I arranged for my friend Jimmy, for a game he might someday... finish...? A Touch of War was to be a DS homebrew realtime war strategy affair, but most of his efforts instead went to Explosive Gas, which is also a lot of fun, and might someday be available on Xbox Live Indie Games. Nice little tune though.