Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CoreTechs Tactics Kickstarter

CoreTechs Tactics is an awesomely epic cyberpunk strategy game with elements of collectible card games (like Magic the Gathering) and hex-based tactics. It's being developed by a passionate indie team in Ottawa and is coming together very, very nicely. This project aims to be massively community driven, with players collaborating on cards to expand the game. Also of interest is there focus on providing the type of integrity in a game of this type, where your cards stay awesome and they don't force you to keep coughing up cash to stay competitive.

To finish the game in any reasonable time frame (and to, *cough* pay their composer of choice...) they need help with their Kickstarter. Check it out, there are lots of awesome rewards!

Visit CoreTechs Tactics on Kickstarter!