Friday, April 12, 2013

The Korg M1

So you can get a virtual Korg M1 on the 3DS.

I had a Korg M1 for a while, a long, long time ago... I found a few things I made with it on my hard drive.

The Korg M1 Days by Mike O.K.

The ol' M1 now lives in my brother's apartment, because I got a weighted keyboard with nicer action for playing (and eventually a real piano which I really need to get tuned), and all my sounds come from software. Still, this kinda makes me miss my first studio setup in my parents' basement!

This other track was made with that same setup, though I'm not sure what are M1 sounds and what are processed general MIDI sounds from the Soundblaster soundcard I had in my PC. If you're familiar with earlier Amon Tobin, you might hear a bit of influence at the beginning. THIS makes me miss Cool Edit Pro. I would profess my love for Adobe Audition here, but I'm still angry they took the Pitch Bender tool out of CS6. And I won't buy another upgrade until I get my Pitch Bender back! Here me, Adobe? PITCH BENDER!!!
High Density by Mike O.K.