Friday, February 22, 2013


Project SAM? Project SAM Project SAM Project SAM Project SAM Project SAM. PROJECT SAM!

They make good stuff.

I was waffling on the issue of buying Symphobia for some time now, so with the lower price point and very reasonable sampling of similar sonic superiority, I just couldn't resist grabbing Orchestral Essentials.

Now I can't decide what to upgrade next. Because I still want Symphobia (1 & 2), but I also wouldn't mind their True Strike Drums, or whatever this Lumina thing they've just announced is (I'm guessing a lot of beautiful choral stuff).

But back to Orchestral Essentials - even after hearing all the demos, I'm sort of amazed how good it sounds. Here's something I threw together quickly this afternoon, taking a break from some other audio work.

These samples are the most fun and inspiring thing I've acquired in years. My regular workflow is totally broken, as I have to temporarily abandon Reason to run the Kontakt VST. If Kontakt ever becomes Reason compatible, I'll probably actually cry tears of joy.