Friday, December 23, 2011

End of Year Madness!

Marvin's Mittens is really, honest-to-goodness, almost done. Finalizing all sorts of soundtrack bits, but it's very exciting to see it all come together. Also crazy that we're getting ready to put it out there... part of me feels like there are so many things to get done, so much polishing to do, almost like we're running out of time - even though we don't have a hard deadline, really.

Also, the Gunpoint music submission deadline is tomorrow, so I imagine we'll be getting some feedback soon. I'm hoping at least to be considered a contender, because I think what I did competes with a few other pieces the developer has highlighted as favourites. But music is so very subjective, and there are some very good entries. John Robert Matz really deserves to have his music in the game. I'm not sure it works best for in-mission, but it's AMAZING music, and it would be awesome for menus and maybe interacting with contacts. Everyone likes his main theme, but I think his Crosslink music is mindblowing. I can't remember if Hyperduck was the first (or only) submission to put in elevator music as basically a little audio gag, but it's totally brilliant (although overall I find it slightly darker than I would want the music for this game to be). Either way, so much cool stuff...

I was inspired to take a couple of little breaks from Marvin and elaborate on some of my own Gunpoint music: