Sunday, April 24, 2011

More work on Music for the Postmodern Ninja...

A lot of work done this weekend on Music for the Postmodern Ninja, with massive remixing and some recording of new tracks. I haven't even uploaded everything, but the end is in sight, and these three tracks are the biggest highlights from this week.

Block Breaker (formerly Smoke Bombs) was rearranged a bit, with a lot of work done getting the drum patterns just right, bringing out certain melodies, and maximizing the bass without having it explode speakers.

Unbridled Restraint was one of the work-in-progress tracks that I was sure had some good ideas, which are now more obvious in the the fresh, more symphonic treatment.

All new is Playing to Win. This started as an attempt to finish Improvised Tactics (which still does need a lot of work), but it didn't quite work there, so I made it something else entirely. Also got to use some new string samples that are so good, you might have otherwise wondered if I learned to play cello this weekend, too.

I feel like this whole project is finally coming together. There's still a substantial list of things I want to change, but with most tracks final and some of the weakest tracks now some of my favourites, I think this spring is going to see it all done!